Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tuesday Book Club- My Many Colored Days

My Many Colored Days- By Dr. Seuss     Paintings By Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

I LOVE this book.  It seems more and more that kids need to know that emotions are ok, but also find good ways to deal with those emotions.

Many schools are starting to talk about the Zones of Regulation and I think that the Dr. Seuss book- My Many Colored Days ties into Zones perfectly.

For my MCD lesson, first we read the book and talk about each of the feelings mentioned- mad, sad, happy, silly, etc.  We then listen to a song I picked for each color and act out the moods to the music.  All the music is instrumental to show students that you don't need lyrics to convey a mood.

Check out my youtube playlist for the songs I use, already in the order of the book.

Red- Theme song to Bonanza - students gallop around the room
Blue- Aviary from Carnival of the Animals- students fly around the room
Brown- Tortoise from Carnival of the Animals- students slow motion walk around the room as if it is full of jello
Yellow- Flight of the Bumblebee- students buzz around the room like busy bees
Grey- Moonlight Sonata- students sit criss-cross and rest
Orange- The Entertainer- silly dance time! I have had students pretend to be mimes, clowns, do their favorite silly dances, and more.
Green- Aquarium from Carnival of the Animals- students swim around the room like they are exploring the bottom of the ocean.
Purple- Chopin Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2- students walk around acting sad and alone
Pink- Carnival of the Animals- Finale- students hop and jump around similar to the Fantasia Flamingo Short.
Black- Beethoven's 5th Symphony - Students stomp around and glare at each other
Mixed Up - Mozart 12 Variations on Twinkle Twinkle (I usually only listen to about 2 or 3)

Obviously, any other songs you choose could also work.

After we are tired from acting out all the colors, we tie the lesson into Zones of Regulation and the 4 Zones that a student can be at school.

Zones of Regulation are:
Green- Ready to learn, calm, focused, happy
Blue- Sick, tired, sad, moving slow
Yellow- Worried, annoyed, silly, wiggly, frustrated
Red- Angry, out of control, yelling, terrified

No Zone is inherently bad. Let students know they will have days, hours, or minutes in every zone and that is OK!  Green is Ready to Learn and where we want to be mostly in school. Talk to your counselor about different strategies for when students are in Red, Yellow, or Blue to help get them back to Green without invalidating the feelings they are having. You can also get a great ZONES cheat sheet HERE

After we talk about the zones a bit, we go back to MCD and decide if the colors match. In first grade, because we are working on quarter notes and beamed eighth notes, students then compose a rhythmic pattern using the Zones colors (Red, Yellow, Green Blue or Green Green Yellow Green).  If students finish quickly, they are allowed to add their own B section explaining a zone or feeling.

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