Wednesday, October 3, 2018

No One in the House but Dinah

I thought today that I would share one of my favorite 16th notes/ re songs!

Dinah used to be a song that students didn't like as much, because it was a song that we just sang beautifully. I know these types of songs are important, but as is typical for 3rd and 4th grade, students would always ask what the "game" was. 2 summers ago, however, I took my Orff Level 1 and wrote a super fun orff arrangement to this song and students are loving it!

Because I only see my students 30 minutes at a time (2x a week) I typically add one instrument part each week. I like to let every single student try it out so it can take up about half the period.  They LOVE at the end when we can put all the parts together!

To prepare the orff patterns, we play them "on our bodies" first and match the placement.  For the bass line, we tap our legs- hands together.  For the alto xylophone part, we tap our clavicle- alternating hands, and for the tambourine part we snap.

Each part is slowly layered in over time and students are encouraged to speak the patterns (see the words in the PDF picture) and do the body percussion even when it is not their turn at an instrument. When we put it all together we split into groups and do the same. 

Especially this year, my students are super excited to play and get the patterns correct.  They haven't played their orff instruments much in the past (it's my first year at this school) and it is really fun for me to get to see them improving each time.

Check out the arrangement and try it for yourself!  When you click the link it will make a copy of the pdf arrangement just for you! DINAH ORFF

I also just recently did learn a game for this song (thanks Facebook!).  Students stand in a circle while one closes their eyes in the center.  The teacher then chooses (silently) two students to make a gate the center student can escape from.  The gate students separate a bit and then DO NOT SING when the song starts.  Still with closed eyes, the center student must try to escape from the circle by the end of the song by listening for where there is a gap in the sound.  This game only works if ONLY the gate students do not sing.  My students have been really enjoying this game, and even reluctant singers join in to ensure the game goes off with out a hitch.

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