Friday, October 18, 2019

In the Hall of the Mountain King Round-up

One of my favorite stories to do in the fall is "In the Hall of the Mountain King".  There are SO MANY fun activities and videos to go with this song from the Peer Gynt Suite by Edvard Grieg. 

The version I read is adapted from Henrik Ibsen by Allison Flannery, Illustrated by Vesper Stamper and, of course, includes the music by Edvard Grieg.

After I read the book, we have a short conversation about how the story might fit with the music and then, the fun part, we get to act it out.  I read the story again, as students are up and walking through the forest, entering the castle, looking around, and then running from the Mountain King (all to the rhythm of the song). I am sure to freeze on all the rests! If it gets to crazy, I tell the students that we need to hide frozen like a statue in an open doorway of the castle and we freeze silently and look side to side to make sure the King doesn't see us. After I can tell we have calmed down a bit, we start to try to escape again. 

Rhythms- read or follow along with listening maps (Some people do quarter- rest at the end of the phrase and some do half note- so be prepared and make sure it matches what you do!)

Line Rider - This video is so fun, KIDS LOVE IT! Great at the end of a lesson or to introduce the song.

Following are some ways to take this song to the next level! 

Cups!- I love to add cups to anything I can.  For this song I do: 
Clap Clap Tap-Tap Tap
Clap and Pass (z)
Students love how it gets faster and faster and faster! 

Have boomwhackers? Students have so much fun with these play alongs.  They are great for working together, pre-reading of music, and more!

Musication Percussion Playalong- This play along is similar, but uses common un-pitched percussion.  My students like this even more than the boomwhacker one!

While preparing for this post I found some fun movement that mashes Head-Shoulders-Knees-Toes with In the Hall of the Mountain King.  This is perfect for the littles. 

A movement that is a little more complicated for older students can be done scattered or in a circle.  I saw this on Twitter a few years ago and it has become a staple in my room in October. The linked video is of me explaining the movement- but make sure to click and follow Mrs. Holsman [@Mrs_Holsman] on Twitter as I got the idea from her (and she got it from Traci Patterson [@snapclappat])!

Video in Google Drive: Mountain King Movement Explanation
Original tweet I saw:

Trolls Mash Up- Right before the end of the month- it is so fun to learn the the Mountain King theme was sampled in the Trolls Movie! We listen first, and then have a dance party! What are your favorite In the Hall of the Mountain King Activities???