Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines Day Activities!

Here are a few activities I do for Valentines Day every year.
The 5th and 6th grade lesson is a 3 part lesson, the others I can squeeze in one class, or expand.

5th and 6th Grade Valentines Day!   Writing a Valentines Day Song :)

Lesson 1:  I have 6 Valentines day rhythms on the board.  Sayings like Be My Valentine, Box of Chocolates, and Here's a Dozen Roses For You! Each is put to a rhythm that is four beats long. Check out the dropbox link to get the rest and the rhythms I use.

Students sing "I Got a Letter" and make their 4 bar phrases an interlude to make a rondo.  They write their four bars on a worksheet and I save it for the next week.

Lesson 2:  Student get out their worksheets again, and this time, I give them the chord progression (we are learning about I, IV, and V chords now) and they add solfegge to each measure.
My Chord Progression is: I IV V I but you could do whatever you want.  We sight read a few as a class, still in rondo form with "I Got a Letter"

Lesson 3:  Student convert their songs to the staff.  (This could also be for homework... if you give homework).  Finally we project a few and read them from the board.  I have a document camera that works great for this.   :)

1st and 2nd Valentines Day! Quarter Notes and Eighth Notes

The First and second graders sing "I Hope!" from Game Plan-Grade 1 and one student walks around with an envelope full of Valentines day words.  There are words like "Chocolate, Valentine, Candy Hearts, Be mine, etc"    If a student is tapped on the last beat of the song, they get to pull a word out of the envelope and decide which rhythm it matches.    

I  have a big chart in the middle of the floor where they can place their word.   There are at least two words for each rhythm.  Depending on where 2nd grade is, I add more rhythms to practice quarter rest patterns as well.  Click here for a worksheet your students can do with this activity. 

These activities can definitely be altered for other grades as well.  Feel free to add your own phrases, and change the lessons up a bit :)  All of the Valentines Day words and the worksheet are in the same dropbox file:  

Enjoy and Happy February! 

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