Tuesday Book Club

This is a one stop shop for all of the Tuesday Book Club Posts! New posts will be added to the top of the list.

Picture Books: 
Ear Worm! - Orffestration or Student-led performance piece! 

I Feel Teal- Student Composition Project (Mood!) 

The Mitten - A Fun Rhythm Practice Idea! (Quarter and Beamed Eighths)

Boo! A Book of Spooky Surprises - A fun Rondo Activity and Guessing Game for Autumn/ Halloween 

A LOUD Winter's Nap- Sound Story, Movement, and more! 

The Snowy Day - Perfect for a winter program!

Goodnight, Fire Fly - A sweet little story to go along with firefly songs or movement!

Favorite Vocal Exploration Books! - 3 of my favorite books to do vocal explorations with

Amy's Brass Band - A book telling the reader all about Brass Bands and how awesome they are! 

The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors - Chance Composition

Rock What Ya Got!  - Orff Arrangement

Bom! Went the Bear - Vocal Exploration and Sound Stories

Night Time Stories- Part II

Night Time Stories- Part I

Farm Folk Song Books - Song Tales

Winter Holiday Books

There Was an Old Woman... Books - Song Tales to fit with any season

John Lithgow Books - Song Tales

Senor Don Gato - Song Tale

Do you Do a Didgeridoo?

Favorite Folk Song Stories - Song Tales

Kinder and  First Grade Tales

Can You Hear It? 

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Resource Book Posts:
Jill Trinka Song Books

Summer Reading List - Passionate Readers, Guide to Being Awesome, Roots and Branches, and more!

Summer Reading- Pepper Effect and Unleash Talent

Music Books from Decades Past

Sound Thinking

Chimes of Dunkirk

Choir Builders

Favorite Kodaly and Orff Resources

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