Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Music Classroom Tour

I am FINALLY linking up to Tracy King's Music Classroom Tours post with my room pictures! It is week 5 of school so we have been going for a while, but I am finally able to breathe after assemblies, popsicles, rehearsals, walk-a-thons and more.  I think this is the first week where none of my classes will be interrupted. YAY!  Don't forget to hop back over to Mrs. Kings Music Room blog to get more great ideas from teachers all over the country.  It is never to late to add something or change your room up- your students will LOVE it!

My school is under construction this year (well, they are building a BRAND NEW SCHOOL behind our old school) so what better theme for my room than CONSTRUCTION!

I got this great set from The Bulletin Board Lady- Tracy King Construction Themed Music Room Bundle.  I used the Music Builds a Strong Foundation board, the solfege and dynamics posters, and more to bring my room together with a super cute theme.  I also have a safety vest and construction hat hanging in the room as well.

I had to rearrange a lot this year, as I used to have an entire modular classroom to myself (one side for chorus, and one for general music) but this year I am sharing with OT/PT.   My desk and many other things have moved into the GM side to make room for their balance beams, mats, and more! I still have a piano and a few cabinets in the chorus side, as well as the risers, because, well, we couldn't squish it all on one side- or there would be no room for students!  It seems busy and squished but we are making it work!

This view is from the back of my room- I call it the boomwhacker wall.  I have my boomwhackers attached with velcro to the wall (I used sticky velcro AND stapled it to make it extra secure) and then my Instrument Family Flags above (From David Row over at Make Moments Matter).  There are currently also dulcimers and drums along this wall, but the dulcimers will be going to a new home soon.

One of my favorite new things this year is the "Story Throne".  I have had this throne for a while because I needed it for a musical we did a few years ago.  This is the first year that I am using it in class though.  I sit in it every time I read a story to the kids.  I have also used it during a few games (like Queen Queen Caroline) and as a "photo booth" at the beginning of the year as students shared wishes for class this year.

Along the next wall is my orff instruments (and a desk students can choose to sit at if they don't want the floor during work time).  I try to keep the instruments organized on these shelves (the center shelf is empty because of a ceiling leak).  Above the instruments is my word wall.  It is so fun for students to find their vocabulary on the wall during the year.  You can also see my FAVORITE painting. It was a donation from a former student- it is the last page of the book Giraffes Can't Dance and says "We all can dance when we find music that we love..."  (There are empty shelves because my ceiling sprung a leak. Things got scrunched so they don't get wet!)

In the "front" of the room are my tempo posters, Small Instruments, Hand drums, SMARTboard and dry erase board.  Students face this direction most often.   I also have a xylophone visual (from the Game Plan Resources), music anchor charts from Music with Sara Bibee, a note values chart, and a large treble clef staff visual along this wall.

In front of the staff is my new bookshelf- I love it! it is so great to be able to see all the titles of the books.  All of my song-books and other commonly used books are on the top shelf.  Less used books are on the lower shelves.  Also on this wall I post a Joke of the Week.  Older students LOVE musical puns so I thought I would do this for them.  The little ones often don't get the joke, but that's ok.

Finally I have my desk and other classroom storage.  I have solfege, dynamics, standards and more posted on this wall as well as "musical art" above my desk. My picture says "Some people dream of meeting their favorite musicians, I TEACH mine" and has a musical clock above it.  My desk stays messy usually- I just can't keep it clean.  In between my desk and filing cabinet is my "information station."  This is where I keep pencils, a pencil sharpener, crayons, dry erase markers, marker boards, and paper- anything a student may need during class. We are still working on putting things back exactly the way they started- but we are getting better! This station keeps it semi-organized and students always know where to go when they need something.   Next to the door i have jump ropes and umbrellas hanging so they are easily accessible any time they are needed.

In the center of the floor is my music rug.  We use the rug for so many games and it really helps the little ones keep their circle nice and big.  It is one of my favorite parts of my room.

In the next picture you can see my future music room... well the foundation of it at least.  It is so fun to be able to watch the progress of the new building every day! I can't wait for the new school, new room and a little more space to spread out so the room looks less cramped and crazy!                                                                

What is your favorite part of your room? Share in the comments below!