Monday, January 28, 2013

Lego rhythms

I'm back! Holiday shows and musical casting happened, but I am going to be posting at least once a week. OMEA is next week so I am hoping to post a lot with ideas from workshops.  My goal is also to start to get theme posts going as well. 3 posts some weeks: the 1st an idea from my classroom (game, Smartboard file, song); the 2nd a product review (books, manipulatives, instruments) and the 3rd a storybook review. There may also be a pop song challenge at the bottom of some posts written in solfegge so see if you can figure it out! I give these to kids, sometimes as just solfegge, sometimes with rhythms, or sometimes from hand signs. They love it!

On pinterest a few weeks ago I found a Lego rhythms smart board file where students wrote rhythms using animated Lego blocks.

 I got to thinking, why can't we use real Legos? Low and behold, a few days later I found this etsy site:  Beat blocks   She uses baby Legos and modge-podges rhythms onto the front. Kids can then stack the lines of songs and know if all their phrases are the right length etc. 1 bump on top of the block is one beat, two humps is two, etc.  Sets are $20 each or you can buy a template and modge-podge yourself. I can't wait to get mine and try them out. If the kids love the Smartboard version, they have got to love the real thing.

**Update- she has also added Diatonic note and solfege blocks to build songs based on their melody.  :)

Note: this post is NOT sponsored. I just think this product is super cool so I am featuring it :)

Pop song challenge: l s m r m s m      l s m r       l s m r m s m      m r r d d

Hint: it's part of a song by an American Idol.

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