Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In SUMMER- summer practice packets

This year I decided that for each grade I would make a summer fun packet for them to use to practice all things music in the coming months.  I have a few weeks left of school (our last day is June 2) and have 1st grade finished, with 2 and 4 close behind.  Hopefully 3, 5 and 6 will be done by the end of the week!  Each packet is scanned and sent to parents via a dropbox link where there is not only the packet, but also music activities we have done on the SMARTboard this year.  I have also included a list of favorite apps, websites and more.

For each grades packet, I have copied my Retrievals (master copies) of all songs learned, worksheet students have done, rhythm practice sheets, solfa practice sheets, as well as vocab sheets.  These may be "color by note", flashcards, fill in the blank worksheets, vocab word searches, etc.  Many of my worksheets I got from Teachers Pay Teachers.  Love that site!

I made a fun bulletin board (again loosely related to FROZEN, as my last one was) titled "IN SUMMER" where this information is posted along side pictures of OLAF. There are pockets at the bottom for 1 copy of each packet so kids can look through before they print at home. Along with the pockets to preview the take-home packets,  the board gives many ideas on how to practice songs and music vocab over the summer, including: 

~Teach friends and family music songs and games
~Write a song or musical
~Go to a music camp (I also give info on music camps on the Board)
~Sing music songs from the packet on Rhythm, Solfa, and Words
~Test your brain by isolating a word or rhythm and either sing ONLY that element oreverything BUT that element
~Complete some of the music worksheets in the packet
~Play music games online or on your IPAD (favorite websites and APPS are listed)
            Rhythm Cats
            do-re-mi 1-2-3

My students are actually really excited about these and I have gotten great response from 1st grade parents so far.  I plan to make them this year, and then just adjust next year if we move at a different pace. 

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