Friday, June 13, 2014

REMIND 101- Free Text Service

So I was in potential AP interviews today and one of the candidates mentioned REMIND 101- a free text service for teachers to send quick reminders out.  I immediately wrote down the website because I have been looking for just this.   Last year, I had a lot of problems with my email list-serv and people being accidentally kicked off lists and therefore not getting needed information.  I also have parents who rarely touch a computer because they think it is not needed.  I think a text service will definitely help my communication with parents in the coming school year.   

I know I just got out for the summer, but didn't want to forget about this great service.When I got home from the interviews I went to the website and found it super easy to sign up.  I made a "class" for General Music reminders (potentially ALL Chorus members next year), 5th grade chorus, and 6th grade chorus.   Parents join by going to the website and typing in the code and their number.  It makes it really easy to email the information to parents, print out handouts or even project instructions on your white board.  I plan on using this next year for quick concert reminders, breakfast reminders, audition reminders, or even just a quick note saying I sent out an email with more info-  this way, parents can email me if they didn't get the information and will also have all important info in multiple places.  This helps me cover all my bases- paper, email and text!

One great thing about the service is that parents and students CANNOT reply to it.  It uses a secured number rather than my own personal number so I will not be inundated with texts back from parents with questions, etc.   It is just an easy reminder service . 

Check it out!

*note- they did not ask me to write this blogpost nor am I being compensated in any way for this post.  I just thought it was a super cool service. 

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