Monday, September 8, 2014

Jill Trinka Song Books

Many of you probably already know about these-JILL TRINKA FOLK SONG BOOKS- but I just got them and I am so excited!  This set of books is great for resources- and they call come with a CD that is awesome for sub-use or just a great vocal model.

I bought all 4 books/ cds with my school budget this year and they have folk-songs, play parties, and folk-dances. (1- My Little Rooster, 2- Bought Me A Cat, 3- John, the Rabbit, and 4- The Little Black Bull). Each book had a few songs I already knew, and many that I did not.  I can't wait to comb through and make Master Copies/ Retrievals to add to my collection.  One thing to note about the CD is that the songs are in a different order than they are in the book (which is alphabetical) so it is a good idea to make a note on the song page of what track the song is on the CD. 

In each book there are approximately 25 songs so if you get all 4 that is approximately 100 songs with all the important info laid out for you very clearly!   There are songs with many tone-sets and in many time-signatures so they are great for all ages of general music.  In the beginning, there is a contents in alphabetical order, and then an index that groups songs by type or suggested instrumentation (which is used on the CD).  There is also a key of important things to know and where to look for information on each songs page. For each song, Jill Trinka tells you what type of song it is (cumulative animal, play party, singing game, etc) and the origin.   There is also stick notation with solfa and words written underneath, a comfortable starting pitch, a suggested tempo, and the tone set listed.  Game or dance directions are included when applicable.  All of the game directions, I think, are super clear and easy to follow.  

One of the things I really love about these books is that in addition to the origin, Jill also gives her source and a little more info on the songs history than you typically see. For example- for the song Bought Me A Cat, we learn that it is "...widely known in the United States, appearing in many guises.  [The version she includes in the book] is based on that appearing in Ruth Crawford Seeger's American Folk Songs for Children (New York: Doubleday and Co., 1948, pp. 104-108)..." 

What are your favorite resources?  Share in the comments below! 

Also- Starting on Tuesdays I will be hosting a linky party called "Tuesday Book Club" where teachers can post about their favorite story/ song book they like to read/ sing in class.  We all have so many great song picture books that I thought it would be a great way to share.  Instructions on how to link up will be in the post tomorrow!  

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