Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Favorite Technology Pins of October (and early November)

I have been pinning a lot to my Music Education Technology board lately to try to incorporate technology in many aspects of my teaching- from grading, to assessing, to fun practice games.

I have picked my 5 favorite pins to share.  Some are on SMARTboard activities, some on Ipad/ tablet apps, some are on using technology to assess students and MORE!  I gave a brief description of each but be sure to click the links to read more!

5. Composition Apps

This pin is a list of 7 free composition apps and what makes them good (or bad).  She is very detailed in her explanations and I am excited to use a few of these in my classroom soon!

4. Plickers

This one is a great way to quickly assess multiple choice questions in your classroom.  Students hold up a card (pre-assigned to them- I use their regular classroom numbers) with the correct letter at the top of the card and you can use your iPhone or iPad to instantly scan everyone's answer at once.

3. 30 Ways to Teach the notes of the staff using technology

What a goldmine of a pin! There are Interactive White Board games, Apps, Videos and more.  Be sure to check out the comments in the post as well for more great ideas! 

2. Mirroring your iPad to your computer to project the screen

The pin teaches you a few ways to mirror your iPad screen so you can easily (and wirelessly) project it. This is great for when you only have one iPad but 30 students! Project the screen and students can use your IWB to use the apps.  This one has been a life saver recently!I was kicked out of my room a few weeks ago due to a storm (I teach in a modular classroom) and was stuck teaching in the cafeteria.  Armed with only a computer/ projector card and my iPad I was able to put together a fun activity to finish out our lesson when we didn't have a board to write on.

1. Idoceo

This is the best gradebook app ever.  I may be biased but I have seen it posted on many music teachers blogs with tips and tricks (the pin is from TheYellowBrickRoad).  In this app you can easily set your schedule, add columns for grades, enter number grades or just icons, have seating charts, behavior information, video/ pictures, and more.  I don't know how I ever got along without it!

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PS.  My districts bond issue passed yesterday- YAY!  We will be getting a new school built.  What would your must-haves be if you could design your dream music room??? I have some ideas, but I am curious of others opinions as well- leave comments here or comment on my facebook page:

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  1. I love Plickers! Discovered them last year and used them to assess my students with "Which pattern did you hear?" quizzes. Really fast and super easy!

    I'm also a big fan of iDoceo. Another music teacher colleague and I are actually presenting a session on it at MMEA this year. The app is just awesome. :-)