Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Book Club- Holiday Books

Welcome to the Tuesday Book Club!  I will be posting the 2nd Tuesday of every month  with a favorite Story book to read or sing.   There are so many great books out there that students (and teachers) love! If you are a blogger feel free to link up and share your favorite book to read/ sing to your students by following the directions at the end of the post. The linky party will always be open until the end of the month.

I just thought I would share few sentances about my favorite books to read/ sing during the Winter Holiday. 

Hanukkah Hop- By Erica Silverman with Illustrations by Steven D'Amico:  I got this at the book fair this year and it tells the story of a girl who is super excited to celebrate Hanukkah with her family.  I love this book because it hits all the major points of the Hanukkah story (Maccabees, Oil Lasting for 8 days) and ways the Holiday is celebrated (Dreidle game with Gelt, Menorah, Klezmer Band, etc.) without being too daunting for little ones.  I tend to sing it- making up a melody as I go along.  I do always sing the refrain similar to the melody of Bim-Bam, Biddy Biddy Bam because the words remind me of it.  

The Nutcracker Ballet- By Vladimir Vagin  This is one of my favorite story versions of The Nutcracker.  It is not too long but tells the story beautifully.  The students love the page with the Mouse King who has 7 Heads and the flowers dancing.  This one this year also happened to have a lot of 2nd grade vocabulary which was fun.  (Hue, Delicate, etc.)   

The Elves and the Shoemaker- This one I usually make a sound story too and we sing Cobbler Cobbler every time the Shoemaker is mentioned, play the beat on hand drums when the shoes are being made, and play jingle bells when the elves are mentioned.  Any time the Shoemaker and his wife go to sleep we also yawn.  This version has really beautiful paintings.  

Click the link below to link up and join in the Linky-party fun and share your favorite holiday books to sing or read to your class! When you Click, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you will paste in a link to your own post. Don't forget to save the picture at the top of this blog post and insert it into your own post with a link back to this page!  

Note: I am still working on my Nutcracker "Can You Hear It" Files- I am having some technical difficulties with the sound, but a Power Point Version will be posted soon for s-m, l-s-m, and d-m-s-l and hopefully d-r-m-s-l as well! 

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