Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Resolutions Link-up

For this post I am linking up with Mrs. Miracles Music Room to share my New Years Resolutions for 2015!

PERSONAL: Focus on making my first year of marriage the best it can be.  From cooking more (I really don't enjoy cooking but it just makes sense seeing as I get home from school at 4:30 and he doesn't get home til 7 and it saves money too!), to just showing Brad how I love him in small ways I want this to be the most awesome year in our relationship yet. 

PROFESSIONAL: I really want to take some Kodaly in the Chorus Classroom classes this summer and hopefully also get my Orff Level 1 certification.  I also really want to attend many more workshops than I normally do- starting with OMEA in early February and going from there! There are so many great Orff and Kodaly work shops around me and I do not go to nearly enough!

CLASSROOM: Track data better! I have so many things that I use as assessments- from Rhythm Football, to SMARTboard games, to worksheets, to just plain old observation and more but I am not great at being sure to mark down everything in my grade book.  I use Idoceo and have been great with 1st grade this school year, but I really need to be better in ALL grades! It's not that I don't write anything down, but I could definitely write more!

BLOG/TPT: I really hope to blog more AND make many more TPT products this year. I have about 35 followers on TPT right now but I hope with the addition of new melody and rhythm products as well as some interactive listening games and new themes for products already being sold (such as my Musical Terms Matching game which you can get HERE for Autumn or HERE for Winter) I can really help my store to grow.  Hopefully Brad will be up to drawing some clipart as well.  He has started a lot, but finished none :)  My store is 20% off through Jan 3, 2015 in celebration of the New Year/ My honeymoon so be sure to check it out! :)

JUST FOR ME: Start working out again! I am the type of person who works out a lot for a while, then gets busy and totally stops.  I had a trainer in 2014 and loved it- but with the new house, it just got too expensive.  Hopefully I can start again- either swimming or exercise classes like Zumba, TRX, or pure barre and loose some of my excess weight and just be healthier!

Here is to a Happy and Healthy 2015 full of lots of Love, Laughter, and Music!

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