Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday!

Teachers Pay Teachers is throwing a Site-Wide Sale TODAY (Wednesday February 25, 2015)!!!! I have joined up with Mrs. Miracles Music Room to share 3 things I am excited about for the sale- a product I made, a product I am going to buy, and a clipart set I love! Be sure to click over to her blog to see more what more Music Education Bloggers are looking forward to buying and selling! Most sellers stores (including mine) will be 20% off and you can get an additional 8% off using the code HEROES in the checkout.

The product I made was put together this past week when I had a "9 day weekend" because we had an entire week off of school for Holidays, Snow-days, and Cold days.  Because the weather was so miserable- I was thinking SPRING!

HELP MY GARDEN GROW is a matching game for students.  There are 2 versions posted now: a Music Symbols version and an instruments of the orchestra version.  In the Music Symbols version, students match the symbol (SUN) to the musical term (Watering Can) to the definition (Flower). There are 26 music symbols in the set as well as 7 common tempos.   In the orchestral instruments version the students match the Family of the orchestra (Sun) to the instrument name (Watering Can) the a picture of the instrument (flower). There are 24 common orchestral instruments included in the set. Also included in each file are larger suns made of each symbol and instrument picture to play games like the "fly swatter game" where you out the suns and the teacher calls out a vocab word or instruments and the students race to swat it first.  Check them out and if you like the spring version be sure to look at the other seasons too- Jack-o-lantern Stack for Autumn, Do You Wanna Build a Snowman for Winter, and even Stacks of Love for Valentines Day!

Help My Garden Grow: Orchestral Instruments Normally $3.00

Help My Garden Grow: Music Symbols Normally $3.50


The product I want is the musical interactive notebooks being sold by The Yellow Brick Road.  I have some tough 6th grade classes this year that are really just not into singing and dancing.  I have decided to try a different approach for the 2nd half of the year and start interactive notebooks with them so that they are still learning vocab and history, etc- just in a different way from the other classes.  They will still be singing but there will be more "notebooking" for more individual accountability.  Check out the sellers blogpost on how to use interactive notebooks in the music classroom HERE. Taken from the product description: 
"This interactive music notebook is a great tool for assessing [4th grade] music students while encouraging creativity and ownership of learning. These interactive notebooks feature notebook pages, which define music vocabulary and concepts, just as you might see in a standard textbook. These are followed by interactive pages, which contain drawing prompts, writing prompts, tracing pages, cut and paste activities, and more. The interactive pages allow students a chance to apply and synthesize their knowledge in a personal and creative way."
I am looking to buy the 4th grade version and the middle school version but she has them for grades K-3 as well AND they can be bought in a bundle! Each version ranges in price from $6-$9 depending on the number of pages and they are all FULL of great stuff.  Check out the 4th grade version HERE and if you want to see other grades- there are links in the product description! 
Screenshot of some preview pages!

The Clipart I am most looking forward to getting is more frames/ borders to help make my products more fun and unique.  I do a lot of vocal exploration products and keep using the same frames and brackets over and over.  I haven't picked any out yet, but I will sure be looking hard tomorrow! There are so many to choose from! 
I also love this bug set from FROM THE POND.  A lot of the clip art I use for school programs, school newsletters and sometimes products, comes from this store.  Check it out HERE.


  1. Thank you so much for featuring one of my products! I'm actually working on updating them right now, so it's great timing :) Also, if you're looking for borders, I would highly suggest Kelly B's Clipart. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Kelly-Benefield/Category/Clip-Art I go back to using her borders time and time again. They are definitely worth it!

    1. No problem! I am so excited to get the interactive notebooks for my older kids- I think they will be a welcome change of pace! Thanks for the suggestion about the borders- I will definitely check out her store tomorrow :)