Saturday, July 2, 2016

5 Favorite Pins of June

Today I am linking up with Mrs. Miracle's Music Room to share my 5 favorite pins of June! Be sure to hop on over to her blog as well to get so many more ideas!

You may notice a theme with my pins- they all have to do with room set-up/ organization.  Can you tell what I am thinking about for next year already???

1. Fabric Bookshelves

The first is a great idea for shelves in my room.  The one in the pin is attached to the wall, but I acquired a freestanding frame at the end of last year that will work great for my music room.  I LOVE that you can SEE the front of the books.  Right now by books are stashed in a filing cabinet and this will make it so much easier for myself and my students to find the book we want! I did shelves like this in my sons nursery and I love it!

2. White Board Station

I also love this Mobile white board station from Mrs. King's Music Room.  Right now my white boards are stashed under a piano bench in my classroom.  This will make passing them out, putting them back, and keeping them neat so much easier!

3. Plan, Copy, Prep, Grade Post-it Organizer

This is such a great idea! I am definitely a list person and this organizer helps keep everything, well, organized so that it is easier to break down and prioritize tasks.  I am horrible at using my plan time wisely because sometimes it can get overwhelming with ALL THE THINGS that need to be accomplished.  I think keeping tasks broken down into groups will really help!

4. Construction Music Room Décor Bundle

Ok, I won't lie.  I pinned this just so I could include it in this post.  I am SO excited about this bundle! My school is under construction right now (well a new building is being build behind the old building), and teaching in a modular unit (AKA trailer outside) I will be hearing and seeing the construction daily.  I thought this was the PERFECT theme for my room this year!  It is so cute and has EVERYTHING I could ever want to decorate my room.

5. Small Instrument Storage Tips

Finally, I loved this blog post on Small Instrument Storage tips.  It helps this year, in my small room, and will help when I am setting up my brand new classroom for '17-'18.  Organized Chaos even has links to some other posts she has written specifically about Hand Drums and Triangles (which I need a solution for). 

In preparing for next year and getting my room organized, I am also organizing my digital files- and I have so many more to organize because of the awesome 4th of July event going on over at TPT right now! A bunch of music sellers got together to share freebies, discount products, and put whole stores on sale!

For July 1-4 there are a ton of freebies available!  Search #LetFreedomRingMusic and you will find everything available.  I have a new freebie up that is great for summer AND the school-year.  The 30 Day Happy Teacher Challenge- Specials Edition will give you ideas for activities to de-stress your life and make your teaching joyful.  Check it out!

For July 2nd only- there are a ton of products marked down to only $2! I put my "Hello My Name Is... Music Symbols" game on sale.  It is a great review/ ice-breaker game for the beginning of the school year.  Students each get a card taped to their back, and then have to find their musical partner by figuring out their symbol with Yes  or No questions only.  So Fun! Search #RedWhiteand2 to find all of the great products on sale.

Finally, on July 3 and 4 my entire store will be on sale for 20% off! Many other stores will be on sale too. 

Happy Shopping and have a great long weekend!

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  1. Great pins! I especially like the dry erase board station! Thanks for linking up. :)