Friday, April 16, 2021

ANOTHER Basketball Routine! Dynamite by BTS

 Check out my new basketball routine to Dynamite by BTS! 

This one is so fun and great for Moving On/ Graduation Ceremonies~ In fact, that's why I created it! My 4th graders are loving learning it to perform for their families. 

To teach this routine, I usually spread it out over 2 class periods. The first class we learn the verse and Chorus, giving ourselves breaks during the Pre-Chorus and 2nd Chorus.  Then in our second class we fill in the blanks and try the whole thing all together! All of the sections are pretty intuitive for my students,  especially after they see it a few times- they really feel like the movements match the song. To help cue us in a different way, we talk about how different parts of the choreography match different rhythms to help cue ourselves. Basketball routines are always great for to rhythm practice, identifying form, gross motor skills, connecting to PE, and so much more! And of course, they are SUPER FUN! 

This song uses a few basic skills throughout: 

~Bounce/ Catch (Ta Z) This happens in the verse AND Chorus! 

~Dribble with R, L, and Alternating hands (Quarter note pulse)- This one happens in the pre-chorus! 

~Pass between hands above head/ at waist (Quarter OR eighth note pulse- up to you!)- This one is in the 2nd Chorus 

We also punch the air with the ball and swirl it around our heads during the Chorus. 

I have never been super athletic so I am always sure that ALL kids can feel successful with the routines I create.  The hardest part is the dribbling, but I let kids know they can always use their dominant hand the whole time if that is easier.  After they do basketball in PE, my students are pros! 

The Form of the song is as follows: 




Chorus 1



Chorus 1 

Chorus 2 

Chorus 2 (adapted) 

Chorus 2 (adapted) 

Chorus 1 

Chorus 2 

Intro- walk out slowly bouncing (ta Z ta Z) 

Verse Choreo

Bounce Catch (4x)  (we think of this as Ta Z T Z | Ta Z Ta Z)

Bounce Catch with quarter turn R each bounce

Bounce Catch 4x

Bounce Catch with quarter turn L each bounce

Pre-Chorus Choreo

6 Dribble with Right Hand  (The dribbles are all quarter notes!)

On Oh-Oh Punch out before switch to L

8 Dribble with L hand

4 with R 

4 with L

7 dribble alternating hands and then catch on 9 to be ready for what is next

Chorus 1 Choreo 

Hold in both hands and punch up r, l, r, l (on ah-ah-I’m) 

Stars tonight- swirl around head


On Shining….   Bounce 4x slow (Ta Z Ta Z)

Hold in both hands and punch up r,l,r,l 

Swirl around head 

Chorus 2 Choreo

(dy nanananana) Pass back and forth (8 up and 8 down) (If you wanted you could do 16 for each as eighth notes here!)

On Shining….   Bounce 4x slow

Hold in both hands and punch up r,l,r,l 

Swirl around head 

Chorus 2 Adapted Choreo
(Dy nananana) Pass back and forth above head for 4
Pass back and forth at waist level for 4
pass back and forth above head for 4
Bounce 1x

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