Sunday, August 19, 2012

Attention Grabbers

Over the summer I have been finding many attention grabbers that I hope to use in my music room this year.  Some are sung, some are spoken, some are sounds.  They are used to get the classes attention (obviously) and get them quiet.  Below are my favorites:

Sung/ Musical:
1. T: Ba da da bah Bah   C: I'm Lovin' It!  

2. T: Red Robin              C: Yum                

3. Class Repeats the Following after each line:
           (from Porgy and Bess- It Ain't Necessarily So)

4. T: Claps or Chhs a random rhythm pattern, class repeats back

5. Class Repeats the following after each line
(I got this from Game Plan Grade 3- I have also heard other teachers in my building speak it):
           Ama Lama Cooma Lama, Cooma Lama Vestay,
           Oh no no no no no Veestay,
           Ennie meenie gypsy leenie, ooh ahh ooh ammie leanie,
           Atchy patchy coomie latchy, I mean You!

6. T. Na na na na, na na na na      C: Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye

Non- Musical (many of these came from Pinterest!)
1. T: Hands on Top (on head)     C: That Means stop!

2. T: 1-2-3 Eyes on Me!              C: 1-2 Eyes on you!

3. T: Macaroni and Cheese         C: Everybody Freeze!

4. T: All Set?                               C: You Bet!

5. T: Hocus Pocus                       C: Everybody Focus!

6. T: Tootsie Roll, Lollipop        C: We've been talking, now let's stop!

Using things like Bells, Metallophones, Recorders, Chimes, Etc. are also a great way to get attention in the music room!

Click the link to get Animated Timers to project - These are great for group work!


  1. Great ideas. I sing backwards 5,4,3,2,1 using the pitches so, fa, mi, re, do. Students usually join in with me and it's like magic.

    I also fluctuate my voice saying or singing the word, "Class" and students have to copy my voice with the word, "Yes." It can be very fun for them.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. Great collection of ideas! Thanks for sharing!