Friday, August 31, 2012

Pinterest and question...

This may seem like a silly post, and it will be short and sweet. 

If you are not on pinterest- sign up now here.

I use pinterest ALL THE TIME!!! I have gotten so many teaching ideas and links to great blogs that I would have never thought of on my own.  I was just on and saw Music Rhythm DOMINOS!!!! you match the last beat on the domino laid down with the first on one of your "tiles".  Who thinks of this great stuff??? There are great videos, activities, posters, etc.  Even if you ONLY sign up and follow music education pages, I still encourage you to sign up. 

Check out all the other ideas I got from pinterest by looking at my Music Education Board here

This is one of the greatest websites ever. I promise :) 

Topics coming up include: beginning of school review lessons (with lessons and song sheets attached) and my favorite rhythm manipulatives.  

Also- I have a 7th grade assistant now for many of my 2nd grade classes.  She LOVES music and is great singing along etc, however, she is blind.  Any ideas on what I can have her do to help me out so she isn't just sitting off to the side singing along?  Her mobility is not that great.  I will be making her a Braille Music song book of many of the songs we will be using in 2nd grade this year so she can help read the rhythms, etc. and they currently turn things into her instead of me, but I would LOVE for her to feel more involved with teaching, etc.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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