Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Classroom Tour

I'm back! I was finishing up my Masters Degree over the summer at Capital University- Master of Music in Music Education with an Elementary Kodaly Emphasis.   I hope to now post at least twice a week with ideas, lessons, pictures, and more! I can't believe students come in just over a week for me- and that students in other places are already in school!

I figured to start the year off I would give a tour of my itsy-bitsy classroom.  I am definitely thankful I have a classroom to teach general music in, but I do with it were a little bigger ;)

One thing I am really excited for this year is my new bench seat.  I got a this set of shelves from Target, along with the cloth drawers to go inside.  I then reinforced the back with a sheet of plywood and sewed the bench seat on top.  Storage is a big deal in my room, because I am always climbing over or moving things to get materials out.  In the past, my grade level materials for the week were just lined up along the board, or on the counter... which is a great place for other grades to play them.  I am really excited to have one drawer per grade this year so that my materials for the week can be hidden away, but easily accessible.

The next thing is my "Grand Behavior" Bulletin board. I got this idea from a friend in my Grad School Classes and I love it! Puts the rules in a positive light.

The other bulletin board in my room is a "Sneaky Snake" Bulletin board- which is a great rhythm and melody activity! You have your rhythm or melody written on the snake and pull it through the grass until the entire example is covered up and memorized.

The rest of the pictures are just the areas around my room.  I have my instrument/ book wall.  I LOVE that I have enough Orff Instruments for an entire class to play, but it is so hard to get them out each class.  My room is definitely not big enough to have some out all the time.

The corner of my room has my SMARTboard and desk.  I guess it is the technology corner.  I hope to use the SMARTboard much more this year and have a lot of fun with it in every grade.  We are starting the year off with some Tik-Tak-Toe and Koosh Kwest.  I am pretty excited.

Above my desk, I am really excited for the new long shelves I have this year.  They used to be really short, and I could barely fit anything on them.  Now I have tons of room for commonly used resources and manipulatives.

Other places around the room are just storage.  Boomwhacker storage (as you can see in the Sneaky Snake Picture, , world instrument storage, magnet storage, book storage, drum storage... Storage for everything!

 I also use the double dry erase boards for A lot.  I hope to actually use them a little less this year though, and use the SMARTboard more.

Any ideas for more organization would be awesome!

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