Thursday, February 14, 2013

OMEA- technology products!

While I was at OMEA this past weekend, I spent a lot of time at the LORENZ booth.  1, because my friend Maggie works for Lorenz publishing so I would say hi, but 2, (more importantly) they have TONS of great products.  Especially SMARTboard stuff.  I bought 2 interactive NOW packs and am planning on getting a subscription to their ACTIVATE magazine soon.  They have a ton more available as well focusing on specific elements of music.

Interactive NOW are Interactive White Board lessons (compatible with all types of IWB).  Each pack has about 10 activities.   I currently own volume 5+7 and one other... but I forget which one. Oops!
My favorite activities from both are the "What Melody Do You Hear?" and the "Can You Hear It (rhythms)".  Both have an icon that plays a pattern and then three choices to choose from. The choices are linked to a new page that either tells them they are correct, or that they need to try again.  These are GREAT activities for Substitutes, because the sub does not need to know the answer- the board already knows!  Each Interacive Now has a different level so you can play different ones as your kids learn more.    Each pack also has things like instrument recognition, movement activities, composer lessons, vocab lessons, listening lessons- anything you may need on the IWB.  Each pack is under $25 and is well worth the money for all the info you get.  Check out the details of each one here:

ACTIVATE is a new magazine that Lorenz publishes 5 times a year.  In it there are all types of lessons for IWB people, or people who do not have one yet.   Each issue has "quality, National Standards-based lessons designed by teachers, for teachers; ready-to-go lesson plans, choral and recorder music, classroom percussion, and movement activities; a CD with P/A and listening tracks and over 30 pages of reproducible materials; and convenient, fun games with reproducible worksheets. ("  A year of subscriptions is only $75!!! I was looking through back issues at the Convention and so many of the lessons are things I could use.  They are written by real teacher who are currently in the classroom so they know what works and what doesnt.  I can't wait to get my subscription and use these great lessons.   Check out the ACTIVATE website here:

Also: just a reminder to get the SMARTboard files from another workshop I went to here: (see more info in Tuesdays (Feb 12) post)

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