Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cincinnati Cyclones- National Anthem

I am so excited for tonight! My students in Wilson's 5th and 6th grade chorus are singing The National Anthem at the the Cincinnati Cyclones game tonight.  I love doing The National Anthem at sporting events because it gives the students a chance to connect with the community and sing for people other than friends/ family/ teachers.   They work really hard and have tons of fun at the game every year.

Check out your local sporting teams- many you do not even have to send in an audition tape if it is a school group.  With the Cyclones we just pick a game (first come first served) and then singers get in free, and family tickets are discounted (there is a minimum number of singers for these events).   I am hoping to send a tape into the Cincinnati Reds sometime soon so we may be able to do a baseball game as well.   My ultimate goal is to do Cyclones and Reds on alternating years so every kid in 5th and 6th grade gets the chance to sing at both.

Singing at a sporting event (even if it is just a football or basketball game in your district) is a great way to incorporate The National Anthem into any chorus or general music class and ensure that ALL students know the words by the time they leave elementary school.

Have a great Tuesday!

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