Monday, May 7, 2012

Kodaly Sites

Music Friends,

I have recently (and not so recently) come across some GREAT resources for Kodaly Teachers.  I figured since I am so busy this week with May Festival Chorus and shows here at school I would make it a quick post and just give you the links with a bit of info on each so you can check them out yourself!

1.   This is a great website put out by Holy Names University in Oakland, CA.  On this website there is info about Kodaly as well as an expansive folk song collection that you can search.  It is basically an electronic retrieval system.  You can search by concept, grade, theme, game, etc.  I use this resource ALL the time!  Everything on this site is free.

2.   This is another online retrieval system where you can search by concept, grade, theme, etc.  You do have to register for this site.  They have songs, games, worksheets and other ideas.  Much of the information on this site is free, but you do have to pay for some things.  My suggestion is to check back frequently because they always have featured lessons/ ideas for free.  I just found this site today when looking up the words of a song that I was blanking on and everything is easy to navigate and use.

3.  If you have a SMARTboard or other board like it, this is a fun site that lets the teacher choose what rhythms to use for each lesson. You could also give students the opportunity to do it at a home computer. You click on the rhythm syllables you would like it to use and then if you want it to play a rhythm for the students to notate OR if you want it to play a rhythm that the students have to match (they are given 3 choices.) You can have it use any types of rhythms from just quarter and eighth to sixteenth note combinations.  It does utilize quarter and eighth rests, but does NOT have half notes or whole notes.  This is great for me because it saves the time of making a new SMART file for each type of rhythm I might be teaching.  I can also keep this site up all day and just change which rhythms I would like to use as my classes chance.

Have fun with these great resources.  The 1st two are especially helpful if you are newer to teaching and still working on your own retrieval system!

Have a wonderful and MUSICAL week!

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