Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Book Club- Kinder and 1st grade Tales

Tuesday book club is here again!  Today I will be discussing a few books I use at the beginning of 1st grade to introduce students to me and the music room.  My district starts specials in 1st grade, so this is the first time they are seeing me and having me as their teacher.

For the 1st lesson every year I always wear my Music Symbols dress and read MUSIC TEACHER FROM THE BLACK LAGOON.  This is a cute book that mentions all the scary things that could be said about music and misunderstandings with terms- just like all of the other Black Lagoon books.  I love the ending where they finally meet the music teacher and see that she is not as scary as they though- with Music on her ears and they realize that music might not be so bad.  We then discuss what the students are expecting for music and if they are nervous about anything etc.

A few lessons into the year, I always do Polar Bear Polar Bear what do you hear by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle.  This is a great vocal exploration book as the students can make all of the animal noises mentioned.  I always sing the book on the pitches s-m (though they still won't know s-m for quite some time.)  The kids have a lot of fun growling and hissing, etc.  I end the book with "Music Teacher, Music Teacher What do you Hear? I hear students singing in my ear" and then we sing move on to another animal song or listening activity (Carnival of the Animals, etc).

Other books I use in first grade to get students feeling a steady pulse are: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Dancing Feet, Beetle Bop- all by various authors and Rumble in the Jungle, Barnyard Hullaballoo, Commotion in the Ocean, and Giraffes Can't Dance all by Giles Andrea and Guy Parker Reese.  Some I sing, most I just say while the students pat the beat, or join in on repeated lines or play instruments to imitate certain animals, or rhythms etc. .

I use many other books in first grade- at least a story per lesson (our lessons are 55 minutes long!).  More to come later :)

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