Monday, September 24, 2012

Teacherkit and Pitch Matching Assesments

One of my goals this year is to better assess my students.  I found this really cool APP for IPAD that I have been using and I LOVE!  It is called TEACHERKIT and you can type in classes, assignments, behavior note, and more.  It even weights assignments if you so choose.  Check it out if you have an IPAD- I LOVE IT!

The 1st assessment I have started this year is pitch matching.  I assess pitch matching in different ways.

One is just singing a greeting to a student and having them sing back.  The question at the end is always different.  This also helps me get to know a little about my students.
       Hello Susie                                  Hello Miss Jencson
       How Are You Today?                 Awesome
       What did you do this weekend?    I got my ears pierced

The 2nd way is call and response or repeat after me songs.  At first, for these songs, I am the leader, but later, the students become the leader.
       One of my favorites for 1st grade is: This is my Singing Voice
              The teacher chooses different types of voices for the students to echo - being sure to do a lot of
              singing voice.
              When the students are the leader I let them choose 3 different voices to lead- but they MUST do
              singing voice at least once.

       Another is Doggie Doggie- The class the first two lines- Doggie Doggie where's your bone? Someone stole it from my home? The doggie (who had their eyes closed) sings "Who stole my bone?" and the person with the bone sings "I stole your bone."  The doggie must then guess who took the bone from them.  I give my first graders 3 guesses, and my 2nd graders 2 guesses.

Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone
  s    s    m    m       s          s      m

Someone Stole it from your home
  s   s         m    m   s      s       m

Who Stole My Bone?
   s       m     m   s  m

I Stole Your Bone?
s   m       m    s   m

A third way is to have the students "perform" a song we learn.  We all sing it a few times and then those who choose can perform it for the class- complete with bows and clapping.  Many, but not all, students LOVE to get in front of the class- if I have a student who doesn't I never force them.  

This can also be done with a story such as "Mary Wore Her Red Dress."  Read the book, and then have students come up so the class can sing about some of their clothing- Gena wore a purple skirt, purple skirt, purple skirt... etc.  Be sure the person you are singing about is standing right next to you so can assess them, even while the rest of the class is singing.  You can get the book here


These are just a few ways I assess pitch matching.  When I grade it is on a 1-3 scale.  1 is monotone/ speaking voice.  2 is headvoice with the right contour but not matching the pitches and 3 is matching exactly. For the 2s I am sure to note if they are higher or lower than the pitch I am singing in my notes.

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