Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Book Character Day

During Right to Read week at my school this year we had a lot of fun "spirit days" that had to do with reading.  There was "Wear Words Day", "Drop Everything and Read Day" (where we wore PJs) and, my favorite, "Dress as your Favorite Book Character Day".  I was having trouble coming up with an easy character to dress as (I didn't want to spend too much money, as my New Years Resolution was to NOT buy a lot of clothes this year so I can save to go to Hungary to study this summer, and hopefully get a House soon...).

Dress from
 I went through my stash of books in my classroom and came across "The Music Teacher from the Black Lagoon" and though 'This is Perfect!'  I read this at the beginning of the year wearing one of my favorite dresses from ModCloth, but thought I could make something to dress to look even more like Miss LaNote at the end of the book.  In the book it states that Miss LaNote has music notes on her dress, on her shoes, and on her ears.

Painted Peplum Shirt and Toms Shoes
I went to Target and got a clearance button down yellow shirt for about $5.00 and some silver fabric paint.  I made the shirt into a peplum shirt to look more like a dress and painted music symbols all over it.  I already had the Treble Clef earrings and the Treble/ Bass Clef necklace thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who get them for me at Okotberfest earlier this year.  The only thing I was missing was the shoes.  I went online and searched 'music shoes' but many of things I was finding were no longer in stock.  I decided to try the TOMS website, because my current was getting a little worn and I found the perfect shoes! I didn't mind spending a little more for them, because I knew I would wear them all the time.  I finally had my outfit!

Music Jewelry
When I wore it to school, many people didn't even realize I was a character because I would wear many of these pieces on their own.  I do, however, think it is a little corney to wear it ALL in one day- unless it is for a specific reason. :)  My students loved the outfit and it was really fun to re-read the book to the little ones and have them realize who I was when I got to the last page of the book.   I definitely plan on wearing this outfit the first week of school and during Right to Read week again.

I have also recently found this dress which would be wonderful to wear when reading the book as well: Too bad it's over $100...

Music Dress from

I LOVE teaching elementary school and getting to dress up like this on occasion.  It is so fun! Stay tuned for more posts today and this upcoming week.  I am on Spring Break and hoping to post more often!

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