Friday, May 10, 2013

Fly Swatter Game- review terms, rhythms, and solfa patterns!

One of my favorite new review games is the fly swatter game.  I saw a version on pinterest for sight-words in reading and have adjusted it for the music classroom.  I have done this game so far to review music symbols as well as rhythm patterns.

I wrote on the board various symbols or patterns and split the class into two teams.  The teams stand in a line and the 1st student in each approaches the board with fly swatter (or foam rhythm heart attached to a popsicle stick) in hand.  I then say a definition of a term (or play a rhythm pattern on a drum) and the 1st to find it gets a point for their team.  Students only get 2 slaps per turn (hopefully only 1) so that they are not just slapping every word, symbol or pattern up there until they get it right.

Sometimes to help with the rhythms,  I have the class repeat my pattern using rhythm syllables.  Not only does this give the slappers another listen, but it also keeps all students fully engaged in the activity the whole time.

For the symbols, I give the definition and then the students slap the symbol and are also asked to name it.

I think I may use rhythm/ symbol/ sight-reading cards stuck to the board (either with tape or magnets) next time because the symbols and patterns tended to erase as students slapped them.   A large laminated poster would work too. Feel free to project these pictures to use for your own version of the fly swatter game.  I found though that it was tricky with the projection because sometimes the bodies blocked the projector light and then I couldn't tell what the students were pointing to.

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