Friday, May 3, 2013

New Room

Wow! The end of the year is near! I just realized today that even though we have 4 weeks left of school, I only see some of my students 1 more time.  This is due to assemblies, field day, and a wedding I have to attend.  Crazy! I feel like I need more time!

I found out last week that next year I will have a new classroom.  I am excited for this move because overall it should be a good change, but there are still a few worries I have.  I am super ready to redecorate, move furniture, and get everything set up- too bad I have to wait another month until school is out!

Things I am excited about for the new classroom:
1) Total, I have almost double the space.  Technically it is one entire modular classroom set- two rooms connected by a door, but even just one side is about 20 square feet bigger than what I currently have.  One side will be General Music and the other Chorus.
Chorus Side 1
2) I can make as much music and noise as I want and not have to worry about disrupting anyone.  Testing week? Doesn't matter.  Being in a modular classroom outside the gym, it will be very hard for me to disrupt anyone else.

Chorus Side 2
3) I don't have to have chorus in the Cafeteria or Gym! In one of the two rooms, our risers will be set up and chorus will have its own space! I won't have to worry about lunch times, or have students sitting the wrong way on picnic style tables.  Our riser etiquette will be much better because we will be practicing on actual risers every rehearsal!
Chorus Side 3 

4) When orchestra or band is cancelled for whatever reason (teacher sick, high school trip, etc) I will be able to let the students still practice in the chorus room and be able to keep an eye on them through the door.  This year we had disappointed students when they had to stay in General Music because the orchestra or band teacher wasn't there and I couldn't send them to a classroom all the way across the building to practice with out an adult.

General Music Side 1

Things I am worried about:
1) There is not a lot of storage space in these rooms.  I am going to be moving a LOT of furniture and shelving units.  My current room has two sets of counters with cabinetry underneath and I am going to have to find a spot for all of that stuff! Shopping here I come!

General Music Side 2
2) Being outside I am worried I will have less of a connection with what is going on inside the building.

General Music Side 3
3) Bad Weather! Anytime there is a wind warning or thunderstorm warning anything of the sort I have to teach inside the building in teachers classrooms. Also- I hear it is really loud when it is raining because the modular classrooms have a metal roof.
General Music Side 4
It is going to be crazy getting these rooms ready because I will be in Hungary most of the summer but I have 6th graders lined up to help me move stuff (and move stuff for the teacher moving into my current room.) and I have friends and family who I am sure will be willing to help :)

I can't believe school is almost out! Stayed tuned for a song post this weekend!

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