Monday, September 23, 2013

Linky Party- Manipulative Monday!

 Hey friends,

Here are some manipulatives I am using in my room this week.  Hopefully a at least a few are new ideas for you! If you want more ideas, click the picture above to be taken to another "Manipulative Monday" blog post from another great music teacher - Lindsay over at Pursuit of Joyfulness!!! She will post all blogs that are linked up.   Right now the picture links up to her blog homepage, which is last weeks Monday Manipulatives, which is linked to A LOT of other great blogs. 

1.  Solfa Popsicle Sticks.  I write patterns on the popsicle sticks and the students have to put them in order to write out known songs or write their own.  I try to keep the choices to a minimum.  Those in the picture were made pretty quickly- but I plan on making more- and making them much prettier! A great idea for ease of reading would be to type on the computer then modgepodge the paper to the popsicle stick-that is much more work though!

2.  Rhythm cards.  I got this idea from Tiffany Berting and even use her SMARTfile when I use these so my colors correspond to her file, which you can get HERE.  I printed off a page of each note using the MUSICED font and then cut them to size so that the size of the card corresponds with the number of beats the car equals.  Then I have beat strips that the students use in different time signatures so they can be sure their pattern is the correct length.  Students write out the rhythm of a song, do rhythmic dictation, or compose their own.  Once a student is right, they can go up to the SMARTboard and show the class their answer.  (This is very similar to the Legos I also use, which you can read about HERE)

3.  Staff cards with Bingo Chips.  Many of us use laminated or felt staff cards.  I chose laminated with see-through bingo chips because then students can see that "on a line" really means that the line goes THROUGH the note, rather than like in normal writing when "on a line" means, well, on top the line :) I sing a pattern either on solfa or a neutral syllable (or even the words of a song) and the students have to decode and write it out using their chips.  I tell them where do is for each question.

Enjoy these manipualtive ideas and stay tuned this week for more ideas from Hungary, and possibly even 2/4 Tuesday (if I get  myself together tonight) which is another "linky party" where teachers share 2-4 ideas they are using in their room that week and link to other great blogs.   Have a great Monday!!!

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