Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My New Educator Website- a consolidated way to share files with students, parents, and colleagues


Hopefully this new way of file sharing works better.  I have started a new website both for friends and fellow teachers through Wix.com:

The domain is: http://emilychurch86.wixsite.com/emilyskodalymusic/forcollegues

Screen Shot of the New Homepage!
If you go to the site and click on colleagues you can find a link direct to a special folder with all files I will ever share on my blog (blog domain stays the same).  I will still post the links here as well, but hopefully this alleviates some of the problems people have been having with getting to the files.   Right now there are only a few things in the BLOG FILES section: I will be going through old posts and finding other SMARTfiles and files that I have posted and adding those as well sometime this week.  This website is still under construction and I will be making improvements over the next few weeks, but wanted to make it live so I could start sharing files easier right away.  Ultimately, I hope to also post SMARTfiles that I use frequently.

Thanks for reading!


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