Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Music Video of the Week

I have decided that for this year, I will start all upper grade classes with a cool music video.  Some that relate to what we are learning like clips that showcase families of the orchestra, a classical listening piece by a featured composer, or a song we had listened to for a musical element presented in a fun way.  Some will just be really fun or awesome music videos that I think the kids will enjoy. 

This idea came about because 5th and 6th grade students sometimes take their time getting to music.  I teach in a "modular classroom" (AKA a trailer) that is across the playground and behind the gym so teachers send their students and sometimes kids think its a good idea to play a short round of tether-ball, shoot a basket or two, or just take the long way around.  With these videos, I will start them at the minute class is supposed to start.  The students who get there on time will get to see the whole thing and the students who dawdle will miss some of it.  I am hoping that this is a good incentive to get to music fast!     I did it just a few times last year and I know kids were a little disappointed when they found out they missed the beginning of the video (especially on What Does the Fox Say Day right before spring break!).  Since it will always be changing, they will have to get to class on time to see what the weeks choice is.  I may even switch it up between classes so that students can't just ask the Monday class if the video was good. :)

Not only does this get kids to class on time, but it is a really easy way to work in some modern music or pop culture without having it interfere with the lesson too much.  My students have really jumped on the A Cappella train and are always asking for videos by great A Cappella groups.  They also love when instruments are used in unique and unexpected ways.  Knowing this, I can play a PianoGuys or Pentatonix cover of a favorite song of the students, or show how an awesome violin player uses a looper to make really cool layered music all by himself (see below!)  or even show how people who are less fortunate have made instruments out of trash and formed an orchestra!

See below for some of my favorite videos and don't forget to follow my pinterest boards- Music Ed Listening (Videos on this board are all classical examples) and Music Ed Videos (these are the videos that branch out from classical but are still really great!)

Just a really awesome video of an amazing Violin Play that does a lot with looping.  I have friends who saw him live and he had a full band then! So Cool! I present-Kishi Bashi:

One of my favorite Piano Guys Covers- Frozen combined with Vivaldi's WINTER:

A Pentatonix Video my students ask for all the time- Evolution of Music:

The Trash to Orchestra Video I Mentioned- This one is long, but I would just show a clip:

CUPS!- A group from Harvard does a new version every year:
Speaking of CUPS! stay tuned for a CUPS related post later soon!  I have a lot of cup songs and with the popularity of Pitch Perfect last summer, kids already know the basic game!  I am realizing I need to up the anty with my CUP activities so some are in Rondo Form, some have 2 cups, some are with partners, and some are in the big circle.  I got a lot in Hungary last summer, and have learned a few more since, so I will be posting them all in one place. Stay Tuned!

What is your favorite youtube or teachertube video you show in your class?? Comment below!

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