Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinterest times twenty-two

Wow, thank goodness I have internet again! I just moved and was without for about 2 weeks!

Quick post today with a couple more in the works for before school starts in late August. 

I have been using pinterest for a while now.  Some say that pinning things should count as professional development and I agree! You can get so many great ideas all in once place (you just have to remember to use them!) I used to just have a "Music Education Ideas" board, however, I found that searching for that specific pin was too difficult.  I have since expanded into MANY music education boards.   I thought I would list my boards here and ask for ideas on what else you specifically pin!  Feel free to follow all boards and send me your music education boards to follow as well!

Picture from
Music Education Ideas- General Ideas that I haven't sorted yet, or I can't decide where to place
Music Advocacy- quotes and articles about why music education is so important!
Music Ed Videos- Movie Clips, Song Covers, Folk dances and more- all youtube videos on this board!
Music Stations- This is fun games or activities that I think are Great for stations/ centers in the music room!
Music Ed Story Books- Just what it sounds like, fun books that I have- or want!- in my music classroom!
Music Ed Technology- Smartboard activities, Apps and more!
Music Ed Listening- Activities and movies to go along with composer studies or SQUILT lessons
Music Room Organization- Ideas for organization, classroom d├ęcor, and set up in the music room
Music Ed Classroom Management- Another just like it sounds- great ideas!
Music Ed Rhythm Ideas- Ideas specifically for Rhythm Practice
Music Ed Staff Ideas- Pins to teach the absolute note names of the staff
Music Ed Melody Ideas- Ideas to teach melody- solfa and more!
Music Ed Assessment- Ways to assess- both formal and informal!
Music Ed Instrument Families- Ideas to teach the many families of instruments- videos, listening examples, worksheets, powerpoints and more!
Music Ed Multi-Cultural- Ideas to teach music from around the world!
Music Ed Mood and Tone- Video clips to see how music can affect your mood, or the mood or tone of a movie, and why that is!
Music Ed Teaching Meter- Ideas to teach time signature and meter
Music Ed Vocabulary- Specifics on those vocab words like Tempos, Articulations, Music Symbols, etc.  Word Walls, worksheets, and much more
Music Ed Vocal Exploration- fun ways to work on using the voice with the little ones!

I want to add a specific Folk Dance board as well as a specific Music Singing Games Demonstrations  board, and one where I can pin things from my favorite Music Ed Bloggers which would put me at 22 Music Ed boards! wow! I am sure I will come up with more ideas as well.  It is so much easier to find those favorite pins with all these separate boards.  I am not organized by nature, but love it when I am forced to be and this is such an easy thing! Don't forget to let me know how you organize your music ed ideas in the comments!


  1. Great boards! Thank you for sharing! I just followed a bunch of them! I have several music ed ones here:

    Let me know if you would like to collaborate on my Kodaly Collaboration Board!

    If you have any collaborative boards, I would love to be added to pin! :)

  2. I just did that today! Doesn't it feel amazing??