Friday, August 31, 2018

My Favorite "Getting to Know You" Games

Being at a new school this year, I have had to pull out ALL of my favorite "getting to know you" musical games.   Below is a brief description of each!

Billy Billy- This is a longways set game that students LOVE! Students stand across from a partner in a longways set formation.  For the first verse of the song, they connect hands with their partner and shake back and forth.  On the second verse, partner 1 at the top of the set travels down the alley in an interesting way (disco, model walk, etc.) and then staying at the opposite end of the set.  On the third verse, partner 2 travels down the alley copying the movement of partner 1.  Play until all sets of partners have gone.  I love seeing the interesting ways students choose to travel down the alley!

Here's the way we billy billy                           
billy billy, billy billy
Here's the way we billy billy 
all night long 

Step back Sally, 
goin' down the alley
Step back Sally
all night long

Here comes another one, 
Just like the other one, 
Here comes another one, 
all night long. 

Song is swung.  Each line below = one 4 beat phrase.  Solfa pattern is: 
d l s l (change notes each beat)
d l s l
d l s l
m r d

Pass the Beat Around the Room- When I learned this, we just stood in a circle and said "Pass The Beat A-Round The Room z" (each syllable = 1 beat and z=rest).  However, to help me learn names of students, I have been asking them to say their name during the rest instead.  Each student says one syllable of the sentence and it continues around to the left. If a student hesitates or says the wrong word (or name- it happens!) they sit out.  Continue until there is one student left.  If your students are rock stars, you can also replace a word with an action instead.  For example, have students STOMP instead of saying the word "beat". 

Sasha Folk Dance- This dance is in Sashay the Donut and is a favorite. If students love this dance, you could also do Heel and Toe Polka from Chimes of Dunkirk, as they are very similar partner changing dances!

Bump Up Tomato- While this one never says names, like Billy Billy you get to know students personalities. Students sing the song and do the actions while standing in a circle with one person in the middle.  At the end, the student in the middle chooses someone to try and make laugh.  They can do whatever they want WITHOUT TOUCHING each other.  If their target laughs, the target is in the middle for the next round.  If the target keeps a straight face, the original student is in the center for another round.

I Can Keep the Beat- This is a favorite chant which allows children to say their names in a fun way.

I can keep the beat
and I can say your name
sitting next to (Mrs. Church) is
Name *Name* 

The whole class says the chant and then at the end, one person says their name and the rest of the class repeats the name.  You then move around the circle in the same fashion, changing the names as you go.

It's Great to Sing with You- Sung to the tune of "Good Morning" from Singin' in the rain.  If it's morning I still sing good morning, but in the afternoon I just sing Hello.

Good Morning to ____ (name), it's great to sing with you! Good morning, good morning, today! 

Sometimes I sing the 1st phrase multiple times before moving on to the rest of the song to get as many students in as possible. While singing, we tap the beat in various ways on our bodies.  The first few times we sing this song, I have the students sing their name to me and then the whole class sings it again.  Once you know names you could sing their grade, or teachers name (Mrs. Church's Class), etc. This is a great welcome song to use all year!

*** note: these videos are just examples I found on youtube to help illustrate the games for you. ***

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