Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Room Tour 2018

I have had this painting in my room for years. It was a gift from a student who was redoing their bedroom to be "less babyish"- but I LOVE this painting and don't think it is babyish at all! My students love that it matches the last page of the book Giraffes Can't Dance.

This was my inspiration for my "Swingin' Through the Jungle- Music Room Decor" set for the year.  I am so excited to hang it some of it up in my BRAND NEW CLASSROOM. It goes perfectly with our mascot- the Lions- and I am mixing this Jungle Decor with some awesome watercolor prints and labels for decor that will last.

This set features everything you need to decorate your music room- from rules, to posters, to a fun bulletin board. You can also get a lot of things separately if you want to do what I did and mix and match themes.

I am in love with this room! It is so big and beautiful! The most utilized space for me will (I think) be the cabinet storage.  The first set of cabinets is less-often used instruments, the second set is all my manipulatives, the third is classroom supplies and then I also have space for cleaning supplies, magazine subscriptions and more.  On the cabinet doors I decided to put these little dry erase boards to write my daily objectives, as well as some great reference pictures for some musical symbols, dynamics, and notes.  Get the reference pictures HERE.

Above the sink I put my "gallery wall" of great music quotes and lion pictures. Get the beautiful quotes HERE. I think this just gives that huge area a fun look without being super busy or distracting. 

Moving around the room I have my piano (with a new light-board on top- I am so excited to use it!) as well as my staff dry erase board, my TV- which I can cast my computer to, and my movement prop storage in that small bookshelf. I have my bean bags, ribbon wands, and scarves all easy access right there!

Along the back of the room I have my desk as well as commonly used instruments on the small shelves with the orff instruments set up and ready to go on top.  We have a small collection right now, but I am hoping to expand our orffestra in the next few year.  Hanging on the windows are instrument flags from David Row at Make Moments Matter.

The last wall is my bulletin board space as well as my blank dry erase board.  My bulletin board right now is split into 2 sections- "What I'm Reading" where I will share my favorite books with students, and then "What to Listen For in Music" which you can get HERE from Rhythm and Bloom. I also have note magnets as well as a solfege ladder ready to go on the dry erase board for any time I need to reference it throughout the year.  The solfege signs are held together with rings and I can flip unknown syllables around when I need to.

My school is a Seven Habits school so I have the habits posted in various places around the room.  My favorite habits set is this clean black. Love it!

Also in the corner, I have a small rest area with more to be added soon.  Right now, hanging on the cabinets are some calming strategies and I have a worksheet printed out on top of the filing cabinets for students to fill out when they are in the rest area needing a break from class.

I hope you loved this room tour and got some great ideas for your own room! I tried to make it fun and colorful without being TOO overwhelming. I may add a labeled grand staff somewhere as well as a joke of the week to the black and red bulletin board, but I want to get to know my students first. I hope you have a great school year!

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